Since 1966 Star Bakery has been providing its customers with a unique Cuban style cracker that is unmatched. Since its opening, Star Bakery has continued to live up to its mission of delivering wholesome, fresh crackers to its consumers while maintaining high quality ingredients and a product freshness that is unlike any other. For the past three generations our ownership, management team, and employees have maintained the same core values that have driven us to our success. Each of our hard working employees spends their day handling the intricate preparation of our crackers, ensuring that each bite is full of flavor and baked to perfection. Star Bakery supplies three distinct brands; La Unica, Vicky and Kika. Each brand has its own characteristics, providing the consumer with a crispy taste of the Cuban culture. These crackers have been the life of Star Bakery for almost half a century. We are proud to bake one of the cultural staples of the Cuban tradition.
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